Thursday, June 07, 2007


I'm yawning while sitting here spending time to update my long-abadoned blog. Having lazing around at home reading books and other amazing blogs, I am so faineant to write anything here. But looking back to the time I worked as a part-timer in a bookfair, I realised I gotta jot down my precious experiece of working before I forgetting any of them. I'm going to "reveal" the unseen site of the working environment to you.

To wake up so early in the morning on the first day of working, says, 6.30am, was pretty torturing. My commute took me around one hour to my working place at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Sometimes I waited half an hour for the commuter because it had been delayed. The public transport system in Malaysia is really needed to be improved. A lot of time there's delay /break down here and there.

The first day was the busiest day I've ever had. The crowd kept pouring in like there's crazy sales going on. (Yea, it's that mad!) I was so busy until couldn't answer my friend's phone call and as a result, he waited me for 2 bloody hours! (I am so sorry, my fault.) After handling him some stuff, I continued watching people (some people left straight away without paying the books they'd taken, so I need to watch out them.) and tidying up the books. I've only had my lunch until 4pm. My stomach maybe had gotten numb or something cos I was not feeling hungry at all - how great if I could put this work on my daily diet (I would have been much thinner since then! But guess not!)

Work load was pretty heavy as I need to "pretend" to be busy but actually I was resting at the same time. Okay, I am kidding! Of course I did my job! :p But sometimes we tend to chat with each other without noticing by supervisor because it's just too boring to stand there still alone.

Spotting celebrities is an interesting experience. But I still prefer to spot a writer instead. Oh, I've gotten a signature from a writer whom I always admire the most - she wrote 2 books (彳亍地平线 The Grand Overland Voyage I & II) about her backpacking trip across 18 boundaries and unveiled another side of the world to us. Great pictures were shown all over the books. Her words have brought me to every place that she had been to - It's surreal but the feelings are so true. She backpacked with her another friend, experiencing the exciting journey to different countries without knowing when she will be back to Malaysia. That's called the soul of travelling, I guess. Someday, I will do that too. Not as a tourist, but a traveller.

I've met some new friends too from working - 11 lovely colleagues, a uni student, a young lady who's a beautician, a friendly aunty, 3 photography students, and chatted with some interesting people whom I'd forgotten to ask their name. They are so friendly and some of them even called me up days before - one of them even asked me out for shopping! But sadly I didn't managed to make it because of some unforeseen problem I had.

I've always enjoying making friends; especially those who's having the same hobbies with me. I had some decent conversations with one of the photography students, Hao. We even exchanged msn with each other and chatted everything about photography! I hope I could join them to photo-shooting in future. I'm dying to have my own slr (the slr I used is originally belongs to my sister) and dreaming of joining a photography course.


STOP DREAMING NOW, EMILY - You had spent half of your salary for buying books so now you'd better get your arse off the chair and start cleaning your room!!

p/s: Sorry for the lack of photos. All of the photos are inside my digital camera and it's not with me now. :(

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hey ! you always forgot to talk about me la !!
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