Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm back

I'm back now after working like a slave for a week. Now I need to ask you guys for a favor - click on the place I've circled on the picture below, on the red /green looking ad which is situated on my sidebar.

1. Look at the right side of my blog ---->>
2. By using the mouse, scroll down further until you see the layout which looks something similar with the picture below.
3. Click on the place I circled on that layout.
4. Answer the 4 simple questions by clicking on the answer chosen.
5. End of survey.

Please please please help me to do this survey. Just spend less than one minute to do this survey and you would help me a lot!! :)) I need 50 ppl to answer this survey by the way. If it really worked out finely, it would save my day and perharps my life too. (Sounds too serious though :p)
I will tell you guys what I'm working on after 50 surveys have been done, of course.

More posts after this. :)


ym said...

someone long long time neva update the blog... long time neva had the daily dose of froufrou7 postings...
time to sleep soon... :P

Teo said...

Don't use/ steal my descriptions!!

8 po.

Give me my books :P

Emily Lin said...

Ym: Hopefully I will update it on a daily basis - sounds impossible. :p

Teo: Oops. Ok. I've already edited it. :D

Peter said...

Would be happy to (try) to help you, but I could not find anything when trying to follow your instructions... ??

Emily Lin said...

Peter: I've put a clearer instructions. If you couldn't see the layout on my sidebar, maybe there's a problem with the server or something. You might want to try it later. Thanks, Pete! :D

Peter said...

OK. Done!

crumbledmaps said...
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Q said...

Er... I think you misunderstood. I bought the t-shirt, I didn't make it myself.

Emma said...

Yay, you're back! I'll totally do this.