Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Back to study mode"

That's what I'm telling to myself. I got back to campus on Monday and was busying unpacking my stuff. So to my dear readers and fellow bloggers, I was not "admitted" to hospital or somewhat related of that. Just being quite busy few days back so had disappeared from the blogosphere. Thanks for the concerning regarding to my previous post about the "scary porridge". I am fine. Well, for your information, I had porridge again for my dinner on both Monday and Tuesday. HELL, I THINK I HAVE BECOME PHOBIA WITH PORRIDGE ALREADY.

Anyhow, I'm glad that I had something non-porridge today for my dinner. *phew*

Because of missing my dearly sister badly, I'd decided to meet her at One Utama Shopping Centre this evening. So, we drove there. My friend Teresa couldn't join because she's having class on that moment.

So on the way, I'd taken some photos of the sky, without really holding the steering wheel.

You must be shouting "Are you kidding me?". Please don't be surprised by my "super power" or something because the answer is simple - I was not the driver. [well.. hope you get the drift :p ] The driver was Mr. Billy.

I didn't managed to meet up with my sis in the end. But I met Mei Sim. She sings very well and I've gone through her songs [they're stored in her iPod] while we chatting throughout the short meeting session. The songs are awesome! I will get her album in future, for sure! Today is her big day. Wish you have a very Happy Birthday, Mei Sim!

The talented singer cum actress - Mei Sim is on the right. OMG I looked so dark! >.<

Mr. Billy is acting like a grumpy old man.

Shot these photos while on my way back to campus. Guess whose leg is that? Hints: It's guy's legs. [well, obviously it is. So, please stop guessing it's my legs >.< ]

And this? Big hint: It's MY legs. [Now it's not a hint anymore lol]

I love seeing the little bear sitting on the heart-shaped key chain.

More updates soon. :)

Till then!


Peter said...

Thanks for your message on my blog, so I was already advised about the fact that you are doing well, but are busy! Good to know!

I see that you had a nice evening! I really like the way you tell your stories!

So, no long free time before new studies!

Emily Lin said...

Hi Peter! I wished I could have more free time to update my blog! There're a lot of things that I want to write about but I have not much time.

Thanks for your comment, Peter. :))

Lit Shiuan said...

Boey.erm...erm...humm....the legs with a little bit of hairs should belong to you and the one smoother should belong to...your sis?hahaha!!!and what i wanna say is the pic you with billy is very nice~


Emily Lin said...

Lit Shiuan: Well, you are "really good" in guessing, don't you my dear? :p

Lit Shiuan said...

hahaha!!!thousands of sorry on that!I never thought Billy was driving...

Emily Lin said...

[Lit Shiuan] Is that so?? OMG it's making me feeling even worse. It's really hairy.

crumbledmaps said...

Actually, no. I bought it at an obscure shopping stall in China for $2. =D