Monday, March 12, 2007

What is it called? [Edited]

12th of March. It's the 1st day of Cross Cultural Integration Programme in my uni. We've been worked out for couple of months, and now finally it's officially launched. Though we have almost done with our task, but we are still helping out other divisions. We need to work as a team, to make this event succeed.

There are some cultural exhibition going on, from Malaysia and some other countries, like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran and Japan. Teresa, Billy and I have been to every booth, and learned about their culture and their way of living. It was interesting and really fun as we've tried out the Arabia's coffee and red dates. The coffee's taste was lil weird for me, it's bitter, and, I don't know, I more prefer Starbucks' coffee. Anyway, it's an brand new experience for me. Yemen's fellow friends are so friendly. Mathjib, Mohammad, Ahmad... it's so nice to meet you guys :)

We had a photo-taking in the Yemen's booth, as one of us was wearing the tradional's clothing, with a "parang" on his waist. And some dancing as well. It was really amusing.

And before went back to hostel, I had a some kind of "tattoo" [which I don't know what is it called] on my hand, which will last about one week. I was just randomly picked one graphic. And it's look like this.

I know it doesn't look really nice. But I think I should really get a REAL tattoo in future!

And last but not least, support CCIP 2007!

Oh, and I should talk about the car-clamping thingy in my next post.



Just found out this is my 100th post actually. Seems I've spent quite much a bit on blogging. Hopefully I will still keeping this blog on, and still having mood to rant about my life.


ym said...

haha... it looks not too bad... this is called hanna rite?


BB said...

yeah a henna... i wanted to get 1 too but was too bz...

Emily Lin said...

ym: Yea.. it's called henna.. and I like it so much.. seems like I've got obsessed in body art le. They're so nice~

bb: haha.. u should get yourself one too :P Until tomorrow only I thk..

Anonymous said...

haha... i read this after the closing ceremony:P

Q said...

Wow, imagine the pain if that were an actual tattoo.

Emily Lin said...

g: I think I'll faint if they were a real tattoo.. But I want a real tattoo though I know it REALLY hurts.. :p Ironic huh..