Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm telling me

My heart should be locked away in padlocks and chains
Hidden in the depths of darkness, so no one else can bring me pain - Lexi

Yea. I wished my heart can be locked in nowhere where nobody knows. I am all messed up now. I'm currently listening to Throw Me A Rope. After repeat and repeat. And I've got no answer in my mind. It's ALL BLANK. My heart is like being dumped for 837920 times.


ym said...


Anonymous said...

wow....837920 times

means got 837919 people that found u:P


Sarah said...

eat some ice cream, makes me feel better.

Emily Lin said...

ym: Thanks :) I'm feeling better now..

Guleng: Hey obviously that was just a random number I simply put in. I'm not a charmer okay >.<

Sarah: Thanks for the notes. I've had some chocolate and it makes me feel better. Oh now I should really eat some ice cream cos I think I'll totally feel LOT better but it must be a chocolate ice cream :)