Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My coiffure

Really sick of my hair and so went for a haircut ther other day. The second day, I went back to the salon again cos my dearly sis asked me to fetch her there for haircut -_-

It's not a short journey you know.

Imagine the distance from Cyberjaya back to Kajang, from Kajang to Cheras, from Cheras back to Kajang again, then from Kajang travelled back to Cyberjaya.


Hell long.

But then I had a great time :)

Em saw a fat fat cat inside the salon, lazing on the chair, it was so cute! My hand just couldn't stop touching its fur. Oh.. how I wished I could have a pet of my own. Preferably dog but after seeing the cutie big fat cat, I thought, well, cat is JUST as good as dog actually. lol.

Speaking of my hair, it looks shorter from the back, from the side, from the top, every angle. How long should I wait for it to grow back? Nevermind, heard from Goat that if we washed our hair everyday, it will grow back really fast. Ahem, I DO wash my hair everyday, so I guess it will grow back pretty fast then :p


Fleance said...

Hm?I thought u keep short hair all the while?Hmm..maybe long edi,but still i think gal is more pretty wit long hair,hahaha....jz my own viewed.Pet...cute la,but muz be reli caring and loving>If not u think they are troublesome after adopted 1...TC.

Chee Way said...

aiks...got cut mer...no difference oso.... waste money:P

wash everyday sure grow longer faster 1, and more as well, example is my hair:)