Monday, March 26, 2007

I know I'm sucks in playing pool

Pool playing was really great. And it will be great to laugh if you see my pool playing skills.

But please don't laugh at me. I just need some time to practise it.

Well, it seems like I was just born to be a sucker in playing pool. So, excuse the awkward posture, please.

' Sifu' was correcting my clumsy posture.


Oh.. In case you don't know how it will looks like if you're sleeping with a book AND a hat on your head.. Here it is.. How cute.

My friend who will be leaving Malaysia in 2 days time. Au Revoir, my friend.


Anonymous said... time can ask you to play pool dee:P


lonely guy ^ - 9 said...

Emily...lower lower!!! bend lower ur body...hehee

coco said...

i suck at pool, along with most other sports

Sabrina said...

Well,actually pool will be much easier than snooker...So do challege snooker next time, its quite cool~
Oh yea,in case u wanna go for this, ask me too ~

= Take Care =