Sunday, March 04, 2007

At last I can stick my arse on my comfy chair

Been kind of busy these couple of days. Was busy with the event that I'm involved with, went to several places, hang out with friends and my sis...

I took some pictures when I accompanied my friends went to KLCC. We just wandering around the park and randomly did some photo-taking. Nice outing and met some new friends.

I skipped my friday's class and sent my neighbour, Yolande, to Sunway Medical Centre cos she has been complaining stomachache on her right hand side's abdomen for 2 days. Anyway, after 4 hours checking and waiting, she was told that she'll be alrite. [Get well soon ya :)]

Wanted to go for haircut but I'm so lazy to go there alone. Maybe will wait till my sister's offday, and wait till I can't stand of my hair anymore. But now my patience has reached its limit, sort of. Arghh. Wondering what hairstyle should I go for this time. Kinda like this one, but I thought I don't have the capability to hold this. Any idea?

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weird weird hairstyle