Friday, March 16, 2007

A blasting week

The Cross Cultural Integration Programme (CCIP) which was held in my uni had just ended wonderfully. It was blasting.

First it was the Musical Nite. As we were high comm of CCIP, we need to dress in traditional costumes. And so, I've dressed in Baju Kurung. [I borrowed from my friend last-minute, I know, I looked damn funny]

Yea, it's rude. But please, forgive him.

Dances from Yemen.

Chinese drum.

My cute friend from Iran...

Bil from the left, Teresa, me and the cheeky Salman.

The 2nd day was the Longest Kebab Record Breaking Attempt. After a lot of working had been done, some people started to measure the length of the kebab. And it was 2.016 KM long! It's even longer than the record which was broke in German in Guinness Book of Records!

But, imagine the amount of the chicken.... You can pass out after seeing them.

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Anonymous said...

you look like malay in baju kurung:P...very malaysian:P