Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Of Human Pets and Dalmation Dog

Hi everyone, I'm back=) Sorry for not updating on a regular basis. I've been busy for the past week for erm... playing Facebook (*blush*), cleaning up my room, and doing some reading as well. Oh well, I'm not blaming FB but I've been spending a lot of my precious time sitting here, poking friends, giving stuff to friends and etc. Not to mention the farking Human Pets application!

People out there who's in FB, don't ever add this application because you'll just end up like me, spending hours here to build up the points, and keep buying some cute looking guys/ girls as your pet! Oh well, I should have come back to the point that -- It ROCKS! To be honest, I've gotta say perhaps it's the coolest application EVER in FB!! lol


Anyway, I've got one serious question to ask you guys. I'm totally freaking out now. You see, last 2 weeks I went to Tioman Island and had "happily" gotten some serious sun-tanned skin. It was really hurt. It's not hurting me anymore BUT my skin has started peeling off. It's really normal to have skin peeling off but my case is a bit of different. Some parts of my skin have gotten fairer now, but some parts don't (especially my arms). It looks like 101 Dalmation Dog but it's the opposite (white spots scattered over my skin). IMAGINE THAT. Totally gross. Should I use some body scrub to scrub them off? Or should I apply more lotions on them? But I scared my darker skin will not peeling off if I applied lotions on them. :/

Please tell me what should I do. It would be great if you could help to change "Emily the Dalmation" to "Emily the Radiant Girl". (having a more radiant skin rather than the unbalanced tone of skin.)

I don't want to look like this!! :(

I want to look like this --

Anyone. help. me. please.

On a site note, I'm going to reveal my dark secret. :/ As I've told you just now, I've been cleaning my rooms these past few days. It's a HUGE project as I need to

turn this

into this

And still, I've not done with cleaning up my room yet. Hopefully it will be all neat and tidy again by tomorrow. :)

So guys, you shouldn't be surprised if you saw a title of "Procrastinator" in my blogger profile. :P

How about you my dear friends? Have you been cleaning up your room on a weekly basis? Or monthly? I guess definitely won't be a yearly basis like me. *runs away*

Btw, here's what I found while tidying up a stack of photos.

Have a nice day everyone ;)


Peter said...

I have a feeling that you are not the only one now spending more time with Facebook than with your blog (and with others' blogs)! I try to play it ver passively... must of course react on your "attacks"!

At least, when you blog, you do it seriously. So much to tell! That's nice!

About peeling: My advice would be to do absolutely nothing. In a few days you will not be aware that you have had a tan. I can take myself as an example. Coming back from the Andes recently, I had a fantastic tan, the following day it started to peel off and after four or five days, I was again as when I left for my vacation, for good or bad. If you start something by force, you will probably have a good chance to look like the dog you don't want look like, but this time some kind of white and pink!

About the cleaning, don't overdo it! The second photo looks too clean already! Keep some "life" in your room!

Who can that sweet little girl on the photo be?

keeyit said...

I used to get sun burn too.. I do not do anything.. Just let the skin peel off automatically and do not need to apply lotion..

If really pain then you should seek doctor advices ya...

take care

narrowband said...

The last time I got a sun-burn, the skin just peeled and after a while it was ok again. Well for your case, if it hurts then go see a doc loh. If it doesn't, you're likely thinking too much hehe...

Emily Lin said...

Peter: Sorry for the "attacks" but I hope that you had fun ;) About the tan, I'd back from the trip for 2 weeks now but the part which is darker doesn't seemed like gonna peel off yet. So I really look like a "reverse version" of Dalmation. Duh. I think I will not do anything on it anymore. About the over-cleaning, haha, don't worry because surely it will occupy with things and books after 2 weeks, I bet! :D

KeeYit: I feel no pain at all now. The skin seems like not going to peel off, and that's a bit worrying me. (It doesn't look cool with the unbalanced skin tone of ur arms) Anyway, thanks for the concern, sweetie! ;))

Narrowband: I really hope that my skin will turn "normal" again after few days. ;) Thanks for the advice anyway ;)) I appreciate it.

cotton candy said...

ahhh...cleaning up...i'm just going to let that "to do" item stay at the back of my mind for now. . . lol! perhaps in two weeks time...??

Gregous said...

these dalamatians dogs look sooooooo lovely. I love this dogs.
Nice job with the desk tidying up ! :-)

cbenc12 said...

I clean up my room on weekly basis! I cannot stand dirty room.. coz my room is exposed to the dirt, gets dirty very fast!
I have facebook too but I hardly use it, dont know how it works.. :D