Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shooting stars

As I was watching my choice of classic romance movie again, The Notebook, there's this beautiful line, which has practically taken my breath away, despite other countless scenes in the movie that will also take your breath away and probably remind you of your first love/true love, too:
"They are shooting stars, a spectacular moment of light in the heaven of fleeting glimpse of eternity, and then a flash, they're gone."

It makes me wonder, of all the littlest things I've gone through and it's tears of what I've all got.

It is the movie which will reach out for your heart and will force you to hold a box of tissues throughout the two hours.


I haven't been updating my blog for over 2 weeks as some of you might wondering where and what I've been to for the very moment. Yes, I had a vacation at somewhere and I did meet up with some friends during the past 2 weeks. And yes, too, I had some time sitting in front of my laptop and doing nothing but surfing aimlessly, watching dramas, pondering over everything and eating. Hmm.. must be the mode of being very-unproductive had attacked me. I was too lazy to write anything. I was lazy to walk. I was lazy to go out. But what I couldn't stop doing is enjoying the alcohol. You see, 2 weeks of not writing anything here, there were exactly ONE week of drinking sessions at night:

@ 7atenin3
@ apartment in Tioman.
@ chairs beside the swimming pool and the lobby of the suite in Tioman.
@ Maison with the gals.
@ home with a couple of friends.(picture coming soon)
@ Belakong with a friend of mine.

Okay, now I've got to tell you that I am not an alcoholic. I am not addicted to it. Stop telling me the bad of drinking because it makes me feel so good. It makes me instantly forget about things.


For those who're staying in Malaysia, you must be heard of the sad incident in Tioman, which happened on last weekend.

It was a family trip, with 14 of us altogether, having spent some hot summer time at an lovely island and Tioman was our choice.

Left: me with dad. Right: cousin and sis.

As you can see, we were helding our hands on the top of the boot, while standing on the dock of the ferry. It was dangerous, I know. But it was tons of fun when we enjoying the breeze passing through our face and kissing the sunshine, by standing on the dock. =)

I want your kiss.

It's the burning ferry as seen from afar. 8 persons had died from the incident. May they rest in peace. When we saw that burning ship, we didn't know that's a ferry which were carrying the tourists to Tioman, just like us too. :/ I couldn't imagine if it was us on the ferry.

Day one drinking.

Day2: snorkeling.

I had a walk alone, on the beach.

Watching the sun vanished.

Enjoying the view.

Day2: drinking with sis. Dry gin mixed up with coke. Thanks to someone for introducing this nice gin. Bombay Sapphire is nice. =) Oh we had some Heineken while chatting with the uncle who's staying near our apartment.

My lovely cousin on the right.

On the last day we were there, we had waited for our ferry for almost 4 hour plus. We bathed under the sun as there were too many people waiting for the ferry too. So it wasn't a good idea if we hide ourself under the trees as the trees were kinda far from the jetty.

She's too adorable. I couldn't stop snapping her picture.

Her brother is very cute too. Please excuse the frowning face. He's cute when he smiled (which he rarely did).

My lil' cousin stole the vintage sunnies from me and I snapped him wearing it. I think he looked sexy in it. =))))

If you could find me somewhere in the middle of the picture, eating Cheezels while posing for no reason. :P

Finally, the ferry had arrived. I saw a beautiful sunset whilst sitting in the ferry.

There was some problem with the ferry on our way back to Mersing. According to the boatman, our ferry was running out of oil and won't be enough before we reached Mersing's jetty. So we had stopped in the middle of the ocean because the engine had gone dead, without air-cond fuctioning and with just a little lightings available, we tried to stay calm. After almost an hour, a ferry came to rescue.

That was the brightest light I've ever seen.

And I enjoyed looking at the stars with my sis on the dock of the ferry that night. It was a beautiful night with zillion of dazzling stars scattered in the sky.

Reporters were making notes while interviewing the passengers.

And it was really late after we reached Yong Peng so we decided to spend a night at my aunt's place. (which was the house I'd grown up in.)

Chilling morning and it was foggy!! =))

We had some yummy breakfast at a place where they're famous of the noodles (fried mee and loh-mee). It may not looks as good as it tastes.

After the lovely breakfast, I had a ride on the motorbike with my cousin driving. Wind was blowing, sun was shining. Arrr.

Well, it's been ages since I last drove a motorbike too. =)))


voch said...

Vacation! Awesomeness...Nice fotos and gorgeous glasses :D I miss drinking sessions...hehe And I really liked the notebook too, esp the part where they were dancing on the street.

Peter said...

You don't post often at the moment, but when you do it, you do it seriously!!! I wan understand; you had a lot to report! What adventures! (... and I thought you were busy studying.)

(Had a similar incident on the Titicaca lake recently. The machine of the small boat broke down and we had to wait for rescue... fo a long time and it was getting very dark!)

narrowband said...

wow you captured that burning ferry!

and gee, the quote from the Notebook. I used to put that as my MSN status message lol!!!!

Wannabe Economist said...

I went there too last year, took some pics that look exactly like yours! =)

Darren said...

woow, u had a wonderful holidays. anyway thanks god u r safe hehe.

GMG said...

I was wondering what kept you away from blogosphere: books, exams?... Finally I found that you were on holidays...
Beautiful pictures, interesting text, great post!

Emily Lin said...

Voch: Thanks! Well, it's good to drink once in a while. And for the Notebook, there's so many part I like other than the dancing part. I love the part where Allie was leaving, and Noah stopped her, and they fight. Noah told Allie that it's not easy for them to work it out, but he wanted to do so, because he wanted her, all of her, forever. I think my heart just cried out. It's really a great movie.

Peter: Sorry, Peter. Sometimes I will disappear for some specific reasons. Well, if you get what I mean.(If you remember what I've told you before this.) You had a similar experience in Titicac lake? I think you haven't wrote anything about Titicaca, right? =)

Narrowband: Yes. We were sitting on the boat. Everyone on the boat was looking at the burning ferry. We didn't go there for helping out because our boat was too small and had occupied with passengers. Are you serious about that quote thingy?? Well I did the same thing by putting it as my MSN status msg for a couple of days!!! LOL. It's a wonderful quote. I think we've got some common thoughts here. =)))

Wannabe Economist: Really? No, you didn't!!! =))) BTW, where were you staying? Berjaya?

Darren: Well, I couldn't be more thankful! =)

Gmg: I'm really sorry about that. Been lost connecting from blogosphere to sort things up. Don't worry, I'll be back to my DP blog ASAP. =)

Peter said...

About the Titicaca lake - not yet!

keeyit said...

Fuyoh,, I saw a cute girl with a big sunglasses.. hehehe..

very nice pictures...

Pictures are the best memories that can keep for long..

mr jp said...

"The Notebook", every girls favorite movie :P

I have a friend who's watched it 4-5 times and still reacts like it's her first time watching it ...

oh , nice vacation pictures! although I had no idea bout the burning ferry though. Maybe I should read more msian news .. :(

cotton candy said...

yayes!! you've finally updated once again!! i was wondering where you were. and such fun you had!! all those beautiful photos capture the joy you had!! so envious. want holiday now too. . .

Emma said...

SUCH fantastic pics!

biLly said...

hey ! you took a spectacular picture - the seaside picture with two kid looking down the floor !! thats real cool !!

Peter said...

Could see from your facebook that you are "lost again"! Miss you a lot!

narrowband said...

Great minds think alike. LOL...

Wait, let me reveal another secret... I admit the movie was pretty moving too. As in touching. I read the book as well, but the movie provided some very nice visuals and soundtrack, especially when they were berdayunging sampan on the creek in the rain.

Emily Lin said...

Keeyit: Hehe. thanks for the compliment. And yes, a picture worth a million words. :)

Mr Jp: Hehe.. indeed I still reacted like the first time watching during my 3rd time :P The 4th coming soon :P

Emma: thanks Em! :)

Cotton Candy: Well, I think you must be done with ur assignments by now! :)

Billy: thanks :) It's a just a random one tho :)

Peter: Haha! I shall change my status then :P

Narrowband: hehe I guess it is. :)And for the part in the Notebook, it's really touching! =) The way that Allie smiled and laughed herself out when the rain pouring down.. and the way Noah looked at her. ;)))