Saturday, October 06, 2007

Current addiction other than throwing my books on the wall

4 down, 2 to go.

The crazy exam is making me headache and now my brain almost literally dead.


Anyway, the songs in my laptop saved me. Death Cab For Cutie is my new fav. Natalie Imbruglie's album Glorious (The Singles 97-07) is SO nice. ;))

And guess what saved me the MOST?

It's Facebook. Haha.

I'm SO addicted. It's WAY BETTER than the oh-so-boring Friendster. And so I'm stuck in Facebook playing with like, 264739 applications to stop myself from banging my head on the wall because it's all the fault of E.X.A.M.

Remember to add me if you're there! See ya! =)


voch said...

Damn true facebook is addictive! ahaha :D

Emily Lin said...

lol. Definitely! ;)) BTW added u on my blogroll. Hope u wouldn't mind =)

cbenc12 said...

izzit really that good? i am quite lost in navigating it.. i think i need to spend more time on it :D

voch said...

Sure, added you too already :D