Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Exam fever!

Having final exam this 2 weeks. Will be back soon after I finished reading the stupid Organizational Behavior. Grumpy grumpy!


Oh and I have a new header.

Time to run!

Till then =)


voch said...

All teh best in finals em!
Btw, been wondering what does choux pastry heart means?

Emily Lin said...

Voch: All the best to u too Vic! It's a song from Corinne Bailey Rae and I like it very much- for no reason. =)Choux pastry is a kind of light pastry, with a filling, as of jelly or cream.

narrowband said...

Instead of a common 'good luck' wish, I want to wish you CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're a step forward to graduation!

Uhm. Feels incomplete. Oh well, I guess it's a must after all.... GOOD LUCK to you!

-∵| åh-†ёh² |∴- said...

sama sama gambateh~
its will past very soon 1 lar...

looked like u r only worry about OB wor...lolz~

Wannabe Economist. said...

Good luck Em!

voch said...

Alritey, i only heard of "like a star" by Ms Rae. Gotto go dl... and choux pastry sounds yummy haha (must be hungree at wee hours like now:P)

Emily Lin said...

Ah Teh: OB is on tomoro ma. Must finish reading it first. And it seems I can't finish in time :'(

Wannabe Economist: Thanks! ;)

Voch: You really should! I like her album. The first song I heard of was Don't Put Your Records On. It's AWESOME! =)

Emily Lin said...

Narrowband: Time flies and yes, I am a step forward to graduation :S Now it keeps me wondering what should I do after graduated. :/

cbenc12 said...

that's a lovely header!
all da best to ur exams ;) get flying colors, okay!