Sunday, October 07, 2007


A lazy Sunday, a sip of green tea, and a kickass song.


Nothing's as kickas as Novermber Rain from Guns N' Roses. I'm SO into the song- the lyrics, the Slash's solo part (!!), just everything. You can check the MV out by YouTube.

Slash's solo. (which is freaking intrigued me!)

On a side note, as I browsing through the comments in YouTube, I saw this:
Hahaah, I say this is gota be the most kickass song. But what pisses me off is shit like Avril Lavinge has 55 million views, just shows how these little girls and kids are so mindless when it comes to music. lol I'm still only 15 but thank god my uncle got me into real music. - Darvito

What a kickass comment it is. Haha. (but I still love you, Avril :p)

p/s: I bought a shirt and I thought it's nice fitted on me. The vintage feeling of it just couldn't stop me from buying it and right after I bought it, I only realized there's "Guns N' Roses" written on the shirt. What a coincidence, don't you think?

Cheers and have a awesome Sunday.



Teo said...

Since when you're into solos?! Solo...deep stuff T.T

Good luck on your exams though. Oh yea, your friend asking whether can go yam cha or not next week.

Wannabe Economist said...

Wow! long live GNR!
didnt know that a girl likes them that much in M'sia.

keeyit said...

Haha.. hope you have a nice sunday too. :)

Darren said...

u had a gud n wonderful sunday compared to me which doing nth at home.

voch said...

GNR! awesome music..Now that's the real rocker of the century.. hehe

cotton candy said...

ooh! what a coincidence - you should post up a pic of your shirt! ^^ and meanwhile, you have an awesome day too! ^^

cbenc12 said...

No update? Bz?

Peter said...

Hi Emily! (I'm back.) Can see that you are very busy, but obvioulsy in good mood - thanks to music and shirt and...