Saturday, November 03, 2007

I want a foot masseur.

Yes. I. Need. A. Foot. Masseur. Now.

Working. been standing for almost 8 hours and talking.

i need a foot masseur now. argh.

*bumping into bed*

ciao. will be back soon.


Mandy said...

Hope you get in shape soon

Meanwhile I've used your photo here:

love from mandy

Peter said...

What's your job, having to stand for 8 hours, talking...? Was it really working? Anyhow, sorry being too far away to be able to offer any massage! Trust a good night's rest made the difference!

keeyit said...

Girl, you wear high heels ?

cotton candy said...

oh no!! you poor thing!! take a break now and get some sleep!! ^^

Wannabe Economist said...

Mind asking what's your job ?? =)

Emma said...

Do you think you can get foot masseurs on EBay? Not foot massager machines, mind you, but actual hunky tanned men you who will come to your house and massage you? I hope so.

Peter said...

I guess that the "feet excuse" is not anymore valid for not blogging! What's the excuse now?