Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kuala Kubu Bharu* Edited

Having been missing from the blogosphere again for almost 2 weeks, I shouldn't make any excuse anymore for not blogging about some boring life of me. (My foot can't be an excuse anymore, according to Pete lol.)

BTW, thanks to Mandy for using my photo again in her post. :)

I went to Kuala Kubu Bharu last 2 weeks, for some photo shooting session with some friends that I newly met whom are enthusiasts in photography. It was a fun outing and I'm very happy to meet them.

Kuala Kubu Bharu is a small town located in the district of Hulu Selangor. Before stopping by the small town, we had a short shooting session at a beautiful lake. It was a sunny day and the image of the blue-ish sky reflecting on the surface of the lake had taken my breath away. Excuse for my bish-bosh-bash of photos about the trip and they are nowhere near as professional as those of my mates took but anyway.. to summarize..

Reflection on the lake

Some Alamanda (Thanks to Philip for correcting) which had brighten up my day.

The emptiness just keep haunting me.

And if you can read Chinese...

Yes, it is a playground. We stopped by to wait a friend before we headed to the Selangor Water Dam.

Here's the view of Selangor Water Dam from afar. We wanted to go in but too bad the public is not allowed to walk in.

Alamanda overlooking the water dam.

The first temple that we'd been to. The sun light seaming through the holes of roof.

We reached the second Chinese temple called Kuan Yin Temple and that's the time we spent another hours to look, observe and shoot the littlest things.

The orange-ish sky and the rainbow wished me goodbye.

I will be back soon. À Bientôt!


Peter said...

So nice to see you around and abviously fit again! ... and you even commented on my blog!!
If the photos made by your friends are even better, they must be really outstanding! Yours look "perfect" to me! Must be a beautiful place to visit!
Now, I hope that you don't take the fact that you show so many pics at a time as an excuse to be absent from blogging another two weeks, again!!

narrowband said...

Wow a photoshoot! Nice photos you've taken Emily! A Nikon fan? Why aren't there photos of your shutterbug gang!!

Jiok said...

ooo nice nice..when got such outing again? i wan join can ar?

Jayce said...

Nice photo you have here... :)

keeyit said...

You are cool, girl..
I went to Kuala Kubu before and I dun think the place is interesting.. BUT after see your pictures, one word I can say "Wow"

Really awesome photos..

cotton candy said...

OMGOSH!! those are such stunning photos!! they're beautiful.

Peter said...

I said November 14: "Now, I hope that you don't take the fact that you show so many pics at a time as an excuse to be absent from blogging another two weeks, again!!"

Emily Lin said...

Peter: Haha.. I think this time won't be a "two weeks off" again :P And I have a really slow replying mode currently and I'm really sorry for that =)

Jiok: Yea.. sure. I'll sms you next time if there's any outing if you want. ;)

Jayce: Thanks! =)

Kee Yit: No, I think my photos don't have those "Wow" effect compared with others photoblog out there. Those in my linking list are far more better than these. :D

Cotton Candy: Thanks ;) you're as sweet as your profile name sounds. :)

Emily Lin said...

Narrowband: haha we were busy shooting and had totally forgotten to take our own picture! ;P

Emma said...

qthis is all lovely

Peter said...

So you are lying! It's now MORE then to weeks!!!

-∵| åh-†ёh² |∴- said...

me also wan to join..wuwuwuwu~

dun know how to use SLR...damm poor guys..kesian me a bit..teach me...wuwuwuwu~

Quachee said...

My golly, didn't know about this place til I read your post. Your photography's good!

Emily Lin said...

Thanks Quachee ;)) Still alot to learn!