Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Guess what I saw today when I walked into a photocopy shop to get my notes photocopied?


A small little baby pug! It is soooo cute ok!

The shop lady scared it might run off while she's doing her work, so she placed it on the chair. The pug as small as it seems, was too scared to jump off the chair. I had quite a lot of fun playing with the pug. She (it's a gal) kept yawning from time to time (with sound!! it's super cute k!), I guess it's because she was sick of her restricted moving area.

see.. she is so super tiny even my palm is bigger than her head lol.


In the end, I gave my cellphone number to the shop lady, literally "begging" her to call me up if the people who's going to take her decided not to take her anymore. Now guys, please pleaseeee pray for me ok.... ;)

one more shot of her ;p

On an unrelated note, does anyone has any idea which webcam model is more reliable? I'm eyeing on a Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks, as it's 2MP and has other pretty cool specification. Ar, I'm a noob in gadget; can anyone gives me some advices? ;'(

Oh no, did I not tell you I have a thing for floral lately. Some people might think it's tacky to wear; it would turn you into a granny probably anytime. Ngek ngek, I would love be a granny anyway.. only if I bought one of those! lol. Okay, crap aside. I've tried this Topshop floral blouse just now and I fell in love with it immediately. But as my initial target was not shopping, so I gave it back to the SA very reluctantly. It's not that pricey but after a 10% discount and 25 bucks voucher, I still need some time to think about. But hey! It's last piece. Sigh.

So, what do you think? Should I buy it or should I pass? Please drop me some comments if you have any!

ahem, ignore the unmatchy brassiere please...

With some red tiny floral and other mixes of colour, I'm thinking a Yes... Hmm, decision decision.


Teapot Rika said...

BUY! very nice ah! Ya, not many people can accept floral clothes...too bad, floral stuff are very nice ler. Topshop having sales now, right? until when?

Peter said...

Hope it's not too late! Buy it!!!!

Emily Lin said...

Rika: floral stuff are very nice rite :))) I like it very much :( but after considering the possibility of it being an impulse buy, I think I might pass it. sigh. save up another hundred over bucks then..(after 10% disc and 25bucks cash voucher!) I'm not sure when it gonna end; I know when it started as I went there for pre-sales :)

Peter: well, if only I'm not broke...I would really like to own it.....

connie said...

topshop! eh, i think the floral tops in ms.selfridge and Dp is nicer!

hmm, save up to satisfy your lust on shoes is better! :p