Wednesday, April 23, 2008

180 degrees going down

I thought today must be a wonderful day. but I guess I was totally WRONG.

my mood is going 180 degrees down. from the highest point to the down bottom.

how sucks is that.

well. I just could not stand it anymore. and I think I'm no one but one stupid idiot who so naively believes in everything she sees/ hears.

back to bed.

oh hell... and I have the bullshit financial management tutorial on tomorrow morning.


p/s: sorry for the profanity but I just can't help it.


Peter said...

There are days like that! You are perfectly excused! (... although some more detailed explanations could have been useful)!

Hope you are wakening up to a much better day!

GMG said...

Hi Emily! Come on; it can't be that bad and you're going to smash it...
Thanks for having been so kind to comment on Blogtrotter while I was absent!
Hope you have a much better week ahead!