Monday, April 28, 2008

The Kite Runner

With a tagline of "There is a way to be good again".....

The Kite Runner has just become my choice of best movie for this very moment.

I have been planning to read this book since last year after reading numerous readers' comments in Amazon. Anyway, I haven't got the chance to read it before watching this movie in theather so I knew nothing much about the story beforehand.

There were not much people in the theather as the seats were only half-occupied. I didn't bother it much as I know this movie will not dissapoint me. The movie was fantastic and very moving although some part of the film was not a very pleasant story to know about(the ugliness of post-Russia invaded Afghanistan and the terror of the Taliban were being described substantially in the film).

It is indeed a meaningful and heartfelt story. Not to mention quite a number of gentlemen rubbing against their noses using tissues after we came out of the theather. Of course, same to the ladies, including me. I got a very bad headache after the movie because of the trying-hard-not-to-cry-out-loudly attempt.

You can read the plot of the film at its official site and IMDB. Besides, Wikipedia has also pointed out a lot of additional information of it, including its controversy. I'm definitely going to read the book.

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