Friday, April 11, 2008

Shoes shoes shoes

I'll get crazy every time after walking into any retail outlets with shoes being displayed in the shop. No, I will NOT get excited when browsing through Vincci's shoes or Nose's (I prefer Nose, tho). I didn't mean their shoes are sucks; I do buy them but they are lack of the "wow" effect that I like. But when it comes to Aldo, Topshop, Nine West and etc I will turn into "I like that, I want this!" kind of me. I like those chunky heels as well as stilettos. But stilettos have really thin heels; I would rather die than walking in those barely-noticed pointy heels..

My cheapie Pull&Bear pumps which I bought during clearance sales is dead - one of the pointy soles had dropped after me running on the rocky road. T___T

Blame the interview.....

Anyway, as I was surfing through the internet, reading my daily must-visit fashion blogs, I saw Rumi wearing the heels which I think is very nice.

taken from Fashion Toast.

This is Koudougou, the latest collection of Aldo. I love how slanted the heel is and of course, the creative platform design sums up the killer sling-back. $100.

Tessaoua, Aldo. $80.

This retro shoes has got my attention right after I walked into Aldo few days back. The adjustable t-strap is extremely sexy I tell you. The shoes look better in real and it has a glossy leather style. I went crazy after trying it on. Incredibly cute pumps but I held myself back from buying it. Well, having been in a recent tight-budget situation, I should behave myself and keep my purse in place, and shall refrain from tempting by this Pandora of shoes.

In the meantime, these kind of shoes will remains on the 'To try on shamelessly and Not Buy' list... (ahem..I think I'm the only one who does that..)


Peter said...

In the meantime you look just fine in your boots!

GMG said...

Hey, miss Imelda Lin, careful with those shoes, otherwise the million wont't be enough... ;)
Loved to read your answers to the tag and taking Peter to a deserted island... ;))
Have a great weekend!

Peter said...

gmg jealous!

Emily Lin said...

Peter: oh well the weather here is too hot for wearing boots ;(

Gmg: Hey I wish to be another Imelda if my family owned 215 billion dollar (like Imelda's). And it would be awesome if I become the owner of 1060 pairs of shoes! lol!