Monday, March 30, 2009

Here they come

I just woke up from a sweet dream that pretty much sounds like this:

"The sweet boy gave the girl a sweet surprise by traveling all the way from the Venus (which was weird cause I heard that's where women come from) to the Land (where the girl's staying at). He told the girl not to worry about anything and it's going to be two awesome weeks. They spent their time happily together. Walking side by side along the never-ending-walkways. Spraying each other water while watering the garden. Playing games together. Teasing each other while the girl kicked the guy cause he tickled her. Eating nice food together. Holding hands. Looking into each others' eyes. But then the image got blurry and the boy faded away...."

That's the time I woke up. And now the nightmares are coming. They are knocking on my door. Now.

I want to run away but I can't. It's depressing.


Peter said...

You should be able to filter your dreams, just the nice ones! :-)

Peter said...

Any new dreams?

Sam said...

emily! how've you been? its been awhile since ive last been here, but i stayed here for quite awhile to catch up on the entries, he he, you write fluidly in chinese too!