Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time flies...

been so busying on assignments and presentations this month. other than doing assignments, I've been spending time doing anything but no blogging cos I just seems to lose my mojo in blogging. time flies. in a month or so I'll be having my final and last exam in uni and I'll be saying byebye to my uni life. just saw a vid made by rika and started feeling emo. I'm gonna end my uni life very soon. what will be the feeling of saying goodbye to your friends that you have been having laughters with? moving into a different pace of life, all of us might not be meeting each other (anymore?). lately I've been spending my time with couple of new friends. and they are so cool (I mean, come on. I like them SO much). we played pokers together. we laughed so hard we almost teared. we had gin + sprite and chilled out together listening to my fav songs. singing the songs together. swaying. laughed again. swaying. so comfortable.

but then I started pondering - what if we all get to know each other earlier? like...way back then? could my uni life be different? oh I'm sure it's gonna be tons of fun. well oh well, at least I still own a month of FUN time with them :)

just cherish the moment.


Rika said...

Oh dear, I never know that my vid would make you emo.... >.<

So nice that you've met new friends who click with each other so well, no worry, true friendship would never end! hahaha.

Enjoy the remaining days and hours in uni, use every minutes to the fullness! ah, do remember that snap photos is a must! hahaha.

ok, best luck to you in your future undertaking too. =D

aprill4may said...

cheers `
i oso very emo dis few days,
think of you all wont be my side after you all "kena buang"
i appreciate the fantastic moment wif you all

Sam said...

Awww, we all know that feeling so well, we all expel changes... life is worth a million tears =) happy ones =)

Peter said...

Wow!! Emily has posted!!! :-)

Some friends are there for ever! I have just one visiting me! We have known each other since more than 50years!

So, looking for a job? What kind?