Friday, March 28, 2008

Time is ticking

It's ticking and I hate it.

This is one of those time that I wish the time can be stopped. How nice if I were a time controller. The time just being freeze after I stopped the stopwatch.

Assignments and more assignments keep floating in and the dateline is getting close.


Time's clicking. I hate the ticking sound.

And it means you are leaving me really soon.

I'm hating Sunday. so. much.


Darren said...

Yea i hate the sound also, especially my new watch which the sound is louder than my wall clock. hehe have a nice day.

GMG said...

Not only it doesn't stop but on the top of it you would be losing an hour tonight should you be in Europe... ;
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter where I'm now strolling around Bilbao!
Take your time and have a great weekend!

Peter said...

There are moments when you wish the clock to stop... but there are moments when you want it to be very quick! (This statement may not be of any comfort; sorry!) :-)

GMG said...

Lost your time? Another vacation?
Have a great weekend!

Peter said...

Not yet back in the blogging world! Miss your happy smiles (and jumps)!