Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My heart is drenched in wine

I would write whenever I feel hollow and lost. I don't know why, but I just do. Of course, I'd write when someone has made my day, when there's any awesome outing with the Friends, or mostly I'd write when I feel like crapping all the way from A-Z. And now, is one of those moments, I feel like writing. There is moment when I will get upset because of the littlest thing. There is also a split seconds when I really need somebody to be there for me, just be there. But now, I'm stuck. I'm stuck in nowhere. I think my heart is now drenched in the wine, in some 2003's Carbenet Sauvignon. Don't ask me why it's a Carbenet Sauvignon. And don't ask me why it's a 2003's. Because I'm not sober, for now.

Okay. I sound so... -__-"

Nevermind, FOOD will make me feel a lot better!

Especially Italian food ;)

Went to a contemporary Italian restaurant at Pavilion with the boyf last week, after I finished a long 4 hours class. Pheww. It was madness for sitting at the SAME seat for 4 hours!!

We ordered 2 lunch sets which consisted of a starter, main course, deserts and drinks. The price was reasonable. And we had one extra main course - a roasted chicken with mashed potato, aside from our Seafood Marinara&pasta and a Pepperoni Pizza. I was too busy savouring the roasted chicken because it tasted SO good when it mixed with the best-mashed-potato I've ever had. The moment I was going to snap a shot of my mashed potato, the boyf scooped the last bite of it. Pffft.

A simple and contemporary design with some of the great works done by Michelangelo.

Caesar salad that I ordered but I ended up drinking mushroom soup instead. *ahem

Oh I want all the drinks behind me!



Seriously this is the best pepperoni I've ever tried! It looks like a pie tho. Or should I say Karipap? lol!

Tiramisu and my desert (My bad for not having a good memory, already forgotten what was its name! ;p ) But it was nice!

Gei Tak Sek, a local desert shop. I had a honeydew mixed with ice.

Brownie, a cute toy poodle ;) He loves to kiss (lick) everyone, lips-to-lips!

He likes to snuck up behind you secretly, too. ;)

Awww.. stop moving, Brownie! ;p


Peter said...

Looks like you had some real good time, well surrounded by boyf and dog! It looks like a very decent Italian restaurant! The dessert of which you forgot the name looks to me like a "crème brulée" ("crema bruciata" in Italian???).

Emily Lin said...

Peter: Yes! That's the exactly desert I had! Cream Bruciata! Thanks for reminding! =))

combliss said...

The food really so nice and i think its very delicious.

Darren said...

yummy yummy the foods look great

GMG said...

Creme brulée, crema catalana, Italian custard, leite creme... that's what you had. With Tiramisu it makes two of my favourites...
Love that David you may see in the poster...
Now, wine: there is life outside Cabernet Sauvignon (red) and Chardonnay (white). Truly!!! ;)
Have a great weekend. See you in Santorini at Blogtrotter