Sunday, February 08, 2009

It was heaven...

.. to have you by my side for the past one month. And now I am back and stuck in the reality.

On Saturday morning, I was still in my heaven, but had started to feel uneasy and also had insomnia for the past two days. It was the first time of me unable to sleep in the cold but warming (as I sneaked myself in the thick blankets and because, I'd got him) weather. It was weird. All I was thinking about is the flashing images of everything I'd gone through in the past month. It is like a dream, yet so true. It seemed far reach but I managed to touch it - to touch you, your hand, and your face that makes me smile.

Tokyo tastes like a dream, a dream which you fell in love with yet you might hate about sometime.

But, to me, you taste like a real dream, which is happened at somewhere in the heaven, some place which I really want to be in.

I just could not stop thinking about every seconds that we had spent together. I still remember the response I gave you when you hugged and kissed me goodbye before you going to class while I was still in bed. (Okay to be honest mostly I just continued sleeping and ignored all the action above cos the bed is super comfy...) I still remember how I yelled at you and stopped helping you to cook when you yelled at me first. (hmm, not yelling la but just slightly high pitch talking...) But you still managed to cook good foods without me, which is one of the great things about you. I still remember how we got into different fights, but we made up eventually :) Oh did I tell you it was so sweet of you when you offered your pocket to one of my freezing hands? You always give me the best. You always try to. Just like when you know that cream puff is so fattening but you will not fail to ask me to buy whenever we went for grocery shopping in kombini or just simply passing by the patisserie shop. Because you know I love it.

What have I done for you? Maybe it's little compared to what you have done for me, but you know better than on one that the only person which I have been thinking about is you. No one but you.

Sometime this feeling makes me hurt. Or should I say it hurts me all the time.

p.s.: I will be back very soon and till then, I will write about Tokyo. No more emo post, em.


biLly said...

suck your sadness and blow it to me, i will change it into happiness. WELCOME HOME BITCH !! MISS YOU VERY BERY MUCH !!


Peter said...

This is really a love declaration! Lucky guy, your bf!