Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hi I'm the new HR trainee

Been wanting to write something here since I started working but the hectic light work load has always been keeping me away from blogging. I always have very little urge to type; it's always been the movie watching or checking out daily must-visit sites everyday. Well, may be because I have become older with much lesser energy on, I go to bed very early. Not that my daily tasks are tiring; my daily tasks are pretty easy - photocopying, filing, writing documents like meeting minutes. Nothing particular but thank god I have just been given a small assignment on insurance claim (at least I have something to work on others than my daily tasks).

Due to the crazy price-hiking of petrol, I have started car-pooling with my two colleagues. It has been fun as two of them keep arguing over small things or occupying time with jokes and laughters. The manager and senior executive are very friendly, especially during lunch time or non-office hours.

No matter how friendly the people are, how nice the working environment is, all in all I still think that studying is much more fun than working. I missed school times, old-town yamcha sessions, the lepak-ing at the bridge, every trip we had, so many good 'ol memories.

I spent my first non-working Saturday with my colleagues (they are trainees too and mostly younger than me. Geez I feel so old now). We had a fun singing session and watching Indiana Jones. After the outing, I went to Jalan Alor for dinner with my family, before attending a ceremony in a hotel nearby. The dinner was okay (it could have been better if we went to wong ah wah restaurant, as their roasted chicken wings are the best). Holding hands, my sister and I enjoyed the scene of small cozy restaurants as well as beautiful guest house nearby when walking down the street.

I wore this comfy one-piece which looks like pj lol.

sis and I =)

So looking forward to weekend! I'm counting down the days!


Anonymous said...

Haha i think working life is like this, me missing my scholl time too but too bad i need to start work on july. i think i need to start counting the day soon.

Peter said...

Happy to see you (and your sister) smiling and relaxed! (Nice dress!)

Wannabe Economist said...

you're doing intern eh?

Jue Xin said...

I have decided not to have this type of life style for the rest of my life! I rather continue my study until Master,Phd,bla bla bla...Perhaps,become a primary school teacher will be much better than that.Adult world is not fun at all!!

cbenc12 said...

at least training time is still much better than the working world! have fun while u still can ;)

narrowband said...

Welcome to the whole new world of internship!! Enjoy it as much as you can, make friends and learn!! (And if I may add, don't commit to your bosses saying you'll come back and work with them after graduating. Gotta keep options open, you know!). Haha. That's just a personal tip.

Btw, i Like the way Jue Xin thinks. Very interesting opinion :p I used to think the same - once a student, maybe hard to change to 'working adult'. But you'll never know how hard or easy it is until you try. It may not be that bad!